Plot Flow

Kobold Hall- Their discovery on the true nature of the threat should bring them into contact with Nimorazan the Green who will be a key ‘Quest Giver.’ Also brings attention to his teleportation circles which will be used by the Cult of Bane to enter the deepest areas of the Catacombs where Armos Kamroth hold his secret meetings.

Cult of Bane- Once PC’s connect Cult of Bane teleportation circles with Nimorazan, and rescue him, he will infrom them he has been tracking the Cults and Armos Kamroth’s activities for a while. He believes they may have another secret base hidden in town. This base is infact deep within the Tombwood that lead to even older areas of the town Catacombs.

Wraithwood Cavern- Information concenrning the Tomb Wood will lead Nimorazan to believe the legacy of a Necromancer who fled from Fallcrest, who he hears to have grown to exceptional power is what has drawn the cult activity to Fallcrest. He belives the best course of action to destroy any remaining connections between Fallcrest and the Necromancer.

Into the Shadowhaunt-

Adventure Hooks:
Spectre in the Tower of Waiting
The Upper Quay Strongarms
New Town Order
Tombwood Cemetery- DONE
The Bandits of Raven Roost
Fall Crest Catacombs- DONE
The Blade of Gardmore Abbey- DONE
The Swiftwater Clan

Plot Flow

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